Mediana – Rising Future is joined by largest and most successful Slovenian companies that believe in social responsibility and the importance of research for their success. We welcome the following partners of the project:


AMZS logo


AMZS is a national automobile association with long-standing traditions. It unites 101 automobile clubs and over 80.00 members, thus becoming the largest representative for drivers and other participants in traffic. AMZS strives for their members to enjoy carefree mobility. Through AMZS d.d. and other partners, they provide roadside assistance and other benefits and advantages, both at home and abroad.

AMZS already demostrates its social responsibility through various projects, one of many being #AMZSKRBNI. Through this project, AMZS shows its sustainable orientation and social responsibility, not only toward its employees, but also AMZS members and other participants in traffic.

MAJA AMBROŽ, Head of Corporate communications, AMZS

Why did AMZS decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

At AMZS, we believe that cooperation brings success. Cooperation is one of our key values and when the key role in the project is given to young people that definitely peaks our interest. The reason lies in the awareness that it is wise to make decisions based on research data and how to use them in different ways, use them to achieve the maximum effect.
We trust Mediana, we have been working with them for many years and they are an indispensable partner of our ecosystem. With the help of the results that Mediana’s experts helpfully provide, we make decisions easier and more prudently. Young people bring a brighter look, boldness, a different perspective to projects. Therefore, AMZS supports and participates in a project that “brightens” the future.

How else do you at AMZS encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of AMZS?

Young people, both by age and by heart, are extremely important to us. Our employment structure is extremely diverse, we’re betting on inclusion and variability. Only heterogeneous individuals are able to form an effective, even homogeneous team. Lately, we have been connecting with young people (GEN Z) a lot. We support their ambitions in start-up companies, work as their mentors and enable them to co-create the AMZS of tomorrow. Young people are exceptional; we just need to let them show it. Encouragement and recognition of their different way of thinking always works. When they want too much, too fast, we try to direct them. Average young person aims for fast results, so they are real driving forces of their teams, if they are cut out for it, of course.
They need to have passion, desire, courage and the determination to do good things and to change the world for the better. After all, that is written in the DNA of our society.




Big Bang is the largest provider of audio-video products and computers on Slovenian market with a network of 18 stores, an online store ( and market shares ranging from 30 % to 60 %. In addition to the leading position in these markets, the company is also one of the major providers of white goods and telecommunication products. Big Bang is focused on creating long-term customer satisfaction. In addition, they want to inspire and enrich new emerging lifetsyles by becoming a strong parter to leading brands and manufacturers.

Big Bang demonstrates its social responsibility through sponsorships, especially in sports, as well as organization of ecologically responsible waste collection, such as old batteries, lightbulbs and electrical and electronic waste.

Matjaž Butara, Director – Potential Management, Big Bang

Why did Big Bang decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

The field of market and user research has been changing at a rapid pace in recent years because of development in technologies. A good example is the development of eSports and gaming, which was talked about very little a few years ago, but is now a well-known topic amongst parents.
We can also mention the development of financial instruments based on technology that are becoming a credible threat to the existing systems, the data verification technology and we could go on and on. If we want to be prepared for what is happening with the users, we need numerous and credible sources of information that help us make our decisions. Project Mediana – Rising Future is definitely one such informational source for us.

How else do you at Big Bang encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of Big Bang?

Age does not play an important role in Big Bang, so I would not focus only on young people and their ambitions and wishes. Our company is mainly focused on having the right employees for the right jobs, so they can realize their potential and thus the potential of the company. To achieve this, we regularly carry out different activities – from technical work in the sense of building successions, to finding the right motivation and role for each individual. System needs to be fluid and adaptable. We know that demographics used to play a key role in market segmentation, but today we are focused on interests, motivators and needs – the same is true for internal operations in the company.


BTC logo


BTC is one of the leading companies in the region in the field of management and development of commercial real estate. Under the BTC City umbrella, it manages one of the largest shopping, business, recreational, entertainment and cultural centers in Europe in Ljubljana, as well as shopping centers in Novo mesto in Murska Sobota. BTC’s broadly designed business ecosystem follows a strategic direction towards a global integrated business ecosystem based on innovation and development with the help of many cooperating business partners and the balanced development of activities, based in particular on Industry 4.0 and Company 5.0.

Miha Mermal, Executive director for marketing and sustainable development, BTC

Why did BTC decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

Given the active social role of young people in the field of sustainable development, many socially responsible activities carried out by BTC and the guidelines of Mediana’s project “Rising Future”, we gladly responded to the initiative and thus enabled the minds of young people to co-create a new BTC. We believe that the world is counting on young people.

How else do you at BTC encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of BTC?

At BTC, there are many opportunities for younger employees to work in various fields and projects, in which more experienced employees with their knowledge and experience help them develop their competencies and potentials that the company will need in the future.



In times of complex, all-inclusive and dynamic communication ecosystems, agency LUNA \TBWA follows the global philosophy of the \TBWA network called DISRUPTION®. It is at the heart of everything LUNA \TBWA does, a tool for change and a tool for growth. It is their guiding principle and at the same time an everyday work methodology that they use together with their clients to create groundbreaking ideas that can enable brands to grow into a successful future.

LUNA operates under the auspices of the global TBWA collective, which is extremely effective in bringing together more than 11,300 people in 305 agencies in 98 different countries.









The key vision of Mastercard is helping individuals, companies, organizations and governments to realize their ambitions and potential. They aim to modernize progress in payment methods and involve people in the digital economy. Their focus is on creating simple, secure and smart solutions that inspire confidence in any interaction.

Mastercard continues to invest in new technologies and resources with which it wants to offer the market new insights and insights in the field of sustainable choice for all payment methods. Mastercard’s Global DigiSec Lab in the UK, which aims to increase product innovation and security investments, has financially supported technology that analyzes the materials from which the card was made, provides an environmental impact assessment and allows Mastercard card issuers to independently evaluate materials. used in the manufacture.

The laboratory also invests in leading academic research in the field of environmentally friendly ways of recycling existing plastic cards.

Aleš Petejan, Marketing director – Mastercard Slovenia

Why did MASTERCARD decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

Because we are aware of the importance of formal as well as non-formal education and youth development, we immediately recognized the great potential in the project. In addition to quality research for our market, the project offered young people the opportunity to participate in the development of the research profession and at the same time train as future talents in marketing research. This goes perfectly hand in hand with our vision of creating priceless opportunities for all.

How else do you at MASTERCARD encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of MASTERCARD?

We are a company that strives for technological development, and we are aware that human development is where the world stands. That is why we are constantly striving to create new opportunities and invaluable experiences for all who want to reach their greatest potential.

This year, we place special emphasis on education and the promotion of young people’s development, as knowledge is invaluable and investing in it is always the right path. For example, we connected with the innovative Slovenian digital educational platform “Razturi na maturi”, where we gave all students of the last two years who are members of the football schools FC Maribor and FC Bravo and the handball academy HCL Celje PL free access to the platform “Razturi na maturi” by the end of the school year. We also organized a series of webinars on important topics for the holistic development of the growing athlete. We are currently creating a story together with the Slovenian Advertising Festival, where we will provide young creative hopes with an invaluable experience and unique development.


MEDEX logo


Medex is one of the leading European manufacturers of food supplements based on bee- and other natural products. With its products, it is present in more than twenty markets in Europe and around the world. It creates niche markets, innovative designs and takes care of the constant development of products and brands. In its work, Medex collaborates with many experts and institutions around the world, shares and spreads its own knowledge and experience, and is constantly educating and improving itself. Persistently following the “healthy with nature” guideline, Medex’s knowledge, diligence and innovation always lead to the right results and satisfied users.

At Medex, they work in a wide range of areas of social responsibility, and in 2021 they are embarking on a special path of beekeeping development in Ghana. The main objectives of the project, run by Ghana’s largest development bank, EXIM, are to develop beekeeping, increase pollination, crop yields and honey production, and create new jobs for Ghana’s rural population, with a special focus on women’s employment.

Inesa Grobler, Head of Marketing – Medex

Why did MEDEX decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

Mediana’s project – Rising Future is actually perfect for us. In recent years, Medex has been implementing a sustainable strategy at all levels, and in this project, we have recognized an opportunity to work with young people who will become agents of change for a better tomorrow. As a company, we are responsible for the next generations and it is right that we get involved in time.

How else do you at MEDEX encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of MEDEX?

Despite the long and inspiring tradition of Medex, we have more and more younger employees. Generations change and support our employees of all ages. Medex’s management principle is sustainable, we provide employees with a friendly working environment, develop and educate them. We encourage them to be curious, run through various departments looking for new, greener ways to optimize and reshape all business processes. We take care of the health of our employees and their general well-being through regular packages of our products, inclusion in the supplementary insurance scheme and quick access to doctors.

We take care of the favorable position of women in the company, as many as 70% of our employees are women, even in the highest positions. Due to good business and visibility, we have been repeatedly selected as the most desirable employer in the food industry.


NLB logo


NLB is the largest banking and financial group in Slovenia, with a unique position and strategic focus on selected markets in SE Europe. It covers markets of approximately 17.4 million inhabitants with a network of more than 540 branches and 2.6 million active customers. NLB is focused on customers, providing them with innovative, simple solutions tailored to their needs and the best user experience.

However, NLB is not just a financial group. In addition to successful business and good financial results, which contribute to the economic development of SE Europe, they also participate in creating and improving the environment in which they live, and contribute to a better quality of life. They work in the field of humanitarianism, mentoring, supporting top athletes and promoting youth sports, protecting cultural heritage, promoting entrepreneurship, protecting the environment and caring for employees.

Manja Gradišek, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations – NLB

Why did NLB decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

Creating a better life and a better future is written in the DNA of our operations, and NLB is the first Slovenian bank to sign the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. By doing so, we are embarking on the path of integrating sustainability into our operations and we want to leave our mark for present and future generations in the region where the NLB Group shares a home with more than 2.5 million customers.

One of the three pillars of our sustainable operation is also social responsibility, which has traditionally been an important part of the mission of all members of the group. As part of these activities, we support many organizations in the field of culture, humanitarianism, entrepreneurship, sports and employee care. We are always happy to join in project with as bold goals as ours, and Rising Future is one of such projects. We hope that the participation will provide us with an insight into the importance of corporate social responsibility in ensuring a higher quality of life through the eyes of the target group, and we will be able to explore which are relevant to them, current social issues in Slovenia.

How else do you at NLB encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of NLB?

Customer empowerment is written as one of the most important guidelines of our operation. Our role is to help them find solutions to the financial challenges that life offers them, as this is the basis for a quality life and development. Of course, we are constantly adapting and updating the offer, but we also encourage young people at other points of contact to achieve their goals. By simply presenting seemingly complex financial skills, we want to bring them closer to the world of finance and the role they play in an individual’s life.

We are doing this in cooperation with schools, faculties and other financial literacy projects, and from now on we will offer this knowledge in the Financial Labyrinth, which is one of the important elements of the Slovenian Banking Museum – Bankarium, which opened its doors in June.

Through Sport for Youth project, we support more than 30 local sports clubs and thus enable young talents to develop their sports, develop team spirit and a healthy lifestyle. In any case, we see the establishment of conditions for young people to have the opportunity for development, education and quality employment where we are at home as a long-term goal that all relevant stakeholders in society should strive for.


PIVKA logo


Pivka perutninarstvo is a Slovenian company that symbolizes reliability and customer care. The company is built by over 500 employees and contractual partners. With a clear vision dating back to 1959, to provide something good in the diet of all generations every day, they are constantly developing new culinary solutions.

Pivka perutninarstvo participates in important socially responsible projects, such as the Rural Development Program and the project Hand in Hand to Quality Nutrition, which addresses public institutions (educational, health, social care) that have a constant need for quality food and whose users among the most vulnerable groups (children, sick, elderly). With the activities of the operation, Pivka perutninarstvo wants to remove obstacles to a more successful operation of the local (self) care system.

Špela Žitko, Director of Marketing – Pivka Perutninarstvo

Why did PIVKA decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

In the Pivka-Delamaris Group, we decided to participate in the Rising Future project mainly due to the opportunity to cooperate with young researchers. We know from past experience that younger people always bring new, critical thinking and a different, broader view, and they take on challenges from a different perspective than one would expect in everyday established practices. That is why we are very much looking forward to such cooperation and we believe that we will also be able to constructively contribute to the successful implementation of the project.

How else do you at PIVKA encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of PIVKA?

The Pivka-Delamaris Group employs more than 440 people. We also have younger staff in the structure of employees. Some join us already as interns during school. We are also a youth scholarship holder and of course we strive to rejuvenate the team, because in this way we can develop. Working with young people is interesting, it brings a different view of challenges, and at the same time it is a great responsibility for us, especially in terms of mentoring and transferring knowledge, which affects their business and personal development.


RIKO logo


International experience in planning and implementing projects in the field of technological engineering, energy, logistics systems, transport infrastructure, construction, environmental protection and information technology – all of these are in the focus of company Riko d.o.o. They are also expanding their operations to new markets and areas where there is a need for comprehensive solutions for the introduction of modern, more productive and environmentally friendly technologies for the production of products or the process industry.

They are constantly monitoring the development of technology in the world and are professionally improving in all areas. In the implementation of projects, special attention is paid to environmental responsibility, ensuring safe and healthy working conditions, and the prevention of work-related injuries and damage to health.

Polona Lovšin, Head of Communications – Riko

Why did Riko decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

Simply – because we want a bright future. However, we cannot imagine this without cooperation and connection with young people and without socially responsible actions and considerations. Mediana’s initiative makes it possible; it includes it, it encourages it. So, we are happy to participate.

How else do you at Riko encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of Riko?

Youth is full of freshness, courage and enthusiasm. When all this meets mature experience, every strategy and vision come to life in success. At Riko, we are well aware of this, which is why such an important generational diversity is represented in every working team. And last but not least – we also try to lend a listening ear for the young generation, which, so to speak, carries the future on its shoulders.


SPAR logo


Spar Slovenija was the first to bring a new shopping experience to the Slovenian market following the example of modern European stores and set clear guidelines for operations, which are still the foundation of their work today: to offer the best value for money, provide a wide and varied selection, provide always fresh products and work for a common goal – the satisfaction of each customer. With dedicated work and clear strategy, they created a story of growth by opening new stores, a story of development by constantly introducing innovations in the offer, a story of trust listening to the diverse wishes of their customers, a story of partnership with countless domestic and foreign suppliers, a story of reliable an employer with thousands of co-workers and a story of business reputation by developing true values.

The key values of Spar Slovenija are fairness, human and environmentally friendly operation, modernity and simplicity. They implement these values on a daily basis in all segments of their business. They want to continue to build responsible operations of SPAR Slovenija together with all stakeholders, because only by joint action and involvement of all stakeholders can they achieve goals faster to reduce negative environmental impacts, increase common well-being and live and operate in balance with the natural environment. values for all their stakeholders.

Smiljan Veber, Ecologist - Spar Slovenija

Why did Spar Slovenija decide to join the Mediana – Rising Future project?

At SPAR Slovenija, we decided to participate because we are convinced that the Mediana project will have a significant impact on the future development of research in the field of sustainable development by involving young researchers. At Spar, we enforce sustainable operations in all areas of our business, and we are aware of the importance of cooperating with all stakeholders, which is why we also offer support for such new practical and goal-oriented projects.

How else do you at Spar Slovenija encourage young people to realize their ambitions and wishes? How does that coincide with the strategy and vision for the future of Spar Slovenija?

The success of our company is based on the development and satisfaction of employees, so we create an environment full of business opportunities and opportunities to exceed career milestones. We are constantly deepening our cooperation with schools, as we want to offer young people the opportunity to become part of our team after finishing school and enable them a safe and successful future. We are aware that many students’ internships mean entering the labor market, so we think it is important to enable young people to upgrade their theoretical knowledge with valuable practical experience by working in our company. We include all our employees in sustainable operations in all areas of work and we ensure that our business culture takes into account the key values of SPAR Slovenia, such as fairness, human and environmentally friendly operations, modernity and simplicity.


MM logo


Marketing magazin (MM) is the only specialized marketing magazine in Slovenia and the first in the field of marketing, sales and advertising in this area. It has been published since 1981, so it is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

Marketing Magazine is a key source of information for all marketing professionals, marketers, managers and researchers about events at home, in the region and abroad, about movements, exceptional advertising campaigns and new products, and in particular in-depth articles regarding current trends.