Mitja Tuškej, strategist and partner, Formitas Group

Mitja Tuškej, FORMITAS


Mitja Tuškej has been an important member of the Formitas team for almost 30 years. He has been Formitas’ brand strategist for many years. His specialties inclue professionalism, analytics and in-depth insights into brands and consumers. He’s proven his excellence in two books. The first “Ni brendov brez frendov” was declared the marketing book in 2015, the second “Hocus Pocus: Focus”, published in 2019, is also considered an excellent work on branding.

He believes in quality of research, which is his foundation for any good strategy. In his work, he has developed several original research methods, which he actively incorporates into his work.

As a co-author and co-creator of the Štartaj Slovenija project, which has successfully proven itself with the Golden Effie, he is especially proud of the special Mediana Effie Award for the best use of data.

Maja Ambrož, Head of Marketing Communications, AMZS d.d.

Maja Ambrož, AMZS


Maja Ambrož is the head of marketing communication at AMZS d.d.. She is led by the motto: “What you do with your heart, makes sense.” which he uses to his advantage in the management and administration of brands. Once a tourist guide, she began her marketing career in 2006 in Tosama, where she developed a completely new, then quite revolutionary line of products for women, Natura Femina. This was followed by the management and introduction of brands in the FMCG segment, and products for special medical purposes, where she became more acquainted with the world of pharmacy. In recent years, he has remained faithful to yellow, first as Head of Marketing at Medex, now in the world of services provided and developed by AMZS for safer mobility of the present and future.

With high importance on values, she bets on the effectiveness of teamwork, social responsibility and believes that it is right to work good and share the good. She says with determination that, according to her, everyone in companies is a communicator (management, PR people, marketers, human resources…). When they come together for the higher good, they co-create the society of the future. Believing in collective power and her contribution to the communication sphere, she gladly accepted the initiative and took the jury position.

Dali Bungič, CEO, Luna/TBWA

Dali Bungič, Luna/TBWA


Dali Bungič runs one of the largest and most successful communication companies in Slovenia, Luna \ TBWA group. In 2016, she became the CEO of the Luna \ TBWA agency, and a year later she also took over responsibility for the media companies OMG and OMD, and thus the management of the entire group.

Prior to joining Luna \ TBWA, she was head of business strategy department and communication projects for the largest and most reputable Slovenian and international companies. The projects she has led have received numerous national and international communication awards, both for creativity and for the effectiveness of communication. Under her leadership, Luna \ TBWA agency became the most efficient communication agency in Slovenia, winning five Slovenian Effie Awards and the prestigious European EuroEffie Award.

Dali Bungič is active in professional and economic associations such as the Slovenian Advertising Chamber, the Slovenian Marketing Association, AmCham and the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce, of which she is also a member of the Board.